How Braces Can Improve Your Oral Health
By Lien Orthodontics
January 02, 2018
Category: orthodontics
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There are many health benefits that you’ll enjoy when you have a straight smile.

Having a straight smile is something that not many people are born with but it’s easy enough to achieve. Our Blooming Prairie, MN, bracesorthodontist Dr. Deborah Lien has worked with countless patients to help them get the smile they want thanks to braces. If you’ve been contemplating clear braces, Invisalign, or traditional braces, discover the many smile pros you’ll experience if you decide to get orthodontic treatment.

Braces are used to fix a variety of misalignment issues such as crowding, crookedness, gaps between teeth and other malocclusions (or bad bites). While the most obvious benefit to getting braces is having a more attractive and symmetrical smile, which we know is important to you, there are also other benefits, as well:

Reduce your Cavity Risk

If teeth are overlapping or crowding each other, it’s really difficult to get into these areas to thoroughly brush and floss your teeth. As a result, plaque and tartar are more likely to build up in these hard-to-reach regions, which can increase your chances of decay and gum disease (and even tooth loss if you don’t visit your dentist regularly for checkups). Getting a straight smile means that it’s much easier to clean all surfaces of your teeth.

Prevent Dental Injuries and Damage

If you have a malocclusion, also known as a “bad bite”, this means that when you bite down or chew that your teeth are not properly aligned. As a result, certain teeth take on more impact and force from your powerful jaws, which can not only lead to wear and tear of teeth over time but it can also lead to fractured or broken teeth.

Boost your Self-Esteem

It’s amazing how much your smile can impact how you feel about yourself. If you’ve been hiding your smile from those around you or cancelling social engagements because you are embarrassed by your smile, getting braces from our Blooming Prairie, MN, orthodontist could finally give you the confidence booster you need to feel good about the way you look.

If you think your smile could benefit from braces then it’s time to find out. Call your orthodontist at Lien Orthodontics in Blooming Prairie, MN, today to schedule your free consultation. We are proud to serve the Austin, Owatonna, Hayfield and Blooming Prairie, MN, areas.