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Orthodontics Near Dodge Center

Dodge Center, is a city in Dodge County, Minnesota, United States. Approximately 15 miles west of Rochester, the population of Dodge Center was 2,670 at the 2010 census. Dodge Center is part of the Rochester, MN Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The Dodge Center area was first settled by pioneers in the 1850s. The town was created by the railroad system and named for its central location within Dodge County, Minnesota, which was named for Henry Dodge, twice the governor of Wisconsin.

The first train to reach Dodge Center arrived on July 13, 1866. Shortly after, D.L. Tyler moved to Dodge Center from Ashland (which had no railroad) and built its first general store in 1867. Tyler also became the town’s first postmaster.

Dodge Center’s site was officially platted in 1867 and recorded in July 1869. In January 1870, the legislature passed a bill changing the town’s name to Silas. The bill was reconsidered the next day and no further action was taken. The town remained Dodge Center and was incorporated in February 1872 by special act of the legislature.

Early Dodge Center was a farming community known for growing grain. Grain wagons lined up and down Main Street and into the surrounding countryside waiting their turn at either of two grain elevators.