Post Orthodontic Care

Here at Lien Orthodontics, we specialize in assisting our patients with post-orthodontic care.

Every person with braces looks forward to the day they come off to reveal their fresh, beautiful smile! Even though you may be enjoying the new feeling of your smooth teeth, it is essential to remember that you’re not entirely done with orthodontic treatment yet. Post-orthodontic care is extremely important, too, and the most crucial part of the process.

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You MUST wear a retainer during this phase – called the retention phase.

There are several different types of retainers available for you; all are custom-made just for you and your mouth so you can receive optimal results.

You may be wondering why you need a retainer. Your teeth are already so straight! Well, without a retainer, your teeth will actually start to move back to where they were at the beginning, before treatment.

The day you get your braces removed, you will also be fitted for a retainer. Your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned, and another set of X-rays and/or bite impressions will be taken. Three different types of retainers can be used: Hawley, clear plastic, or fixed bonded.

To keep your retainer healthy and germ-free, you need to make sure that your properly clean your retainer. You can do this by brushing it with a regular toothbrush and toothpaste every day.

Our entire staff enjoys seeing a beautiful smile transformation. We will always be here to answer any of your questions!

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